An early (or late?) thought for a Sunday

I know it not Sunday, but as its been a while and I saw this I thought I’d post it today.




Finally Remembered…….

..and it wasn’t that exciting, but here it is anyway.

It came to me as I sat in a dull meeting at work, you know the way that when you aren’t trying to remember something, but focus on something else it just pops into your head. I tend to do that and then get odd looks because I’ve actually jumped or look like I’ve just woken up!

It struck me that as a single person (in case you missed that little nugget from my previous posts!), with a full time job and a mortgage, I seem to pay a lot for other people. I pay taxes for other people’s children to go to school, for them to have play areas, leisure centres that are only available to me at the most inconvenient of times (don’t get me started on that one!!!!!), for people to have free NHS treatment, live in council houses, to claim benefits and lots of other things. Don’t get me wrong I don’t begrudge any of that. I appreciate the NHS, they’ve been there when my family, friends and I have needed them, I’m not knocking that. I’m fully aware that children need to be educated so that they can look after me when I’m old and senile and keep the world ticking over. 18721178471_415d264d99_o

I do object to being charged more for staying in a hotel room, or going on holiday – does one person make more mess than two? Does one person eat more than two? I think not. I get annoyed when parents moan about having to take holidays during the school holidays when it costs more – it always costs more for me.

I remember once watching an episode of Sex and The City where Carrie had got fed up buying gifts for weddings and baby showers and decided to invite everyone to a party and set up a gift list of things that she wanted. I finally get it, perhaps I should try it. Us single people seem to spend a lot of money and actually don’t get anything in return for it.

I know its not all about giving to receive (after all I’m not Sheldon Cooper!), but I don’t think people generally tend to think about this. We are a minority group, none of the political parties were interested in creating policies to help us as we didn’t represent a large enough group to effect the election results for them.

This isn’t a new thing, I’ve been aware of this for some time but my heightened awareness of this came about because I’d recently been looking at dating websites (yes I am considering going there, again, which at least will keep you lot entertained if I do!) and realised that as a single person, not only do I pay for all this, but I am also expected to pay for attempting not to be single any more. How is that fair?

Anyway I shall carry on paying, I can assure you that I’m not about to find someone, settle down and have children just to take advantage of some of this money I’ve been spending. I may or may not pay to try not to be single, only time will tell on that one. However next time someone is moaning that having children is expensive I shall be biting my tongue so that I don’t point out that I’m helping to fund them!



So all the way home I was thinking of a really good blog piece I could write when I got home. Now I’ve actually got the laptop switched on and ready to go, do you think I can remember it?!! Of course not. This seems to be becoming a regular thing.

Facepalm Girl

Perhaps its old age, but I regularly go into rooms looking for things and by the time I get there I’ve forgotten what I was going in there for. I’ve even gone into the kitchen to do the washing up and found that I’ve already done it. How the heck do you forget that you’ve done the washing up?

I have a notepad by the side of my bed so that I can write stuff down if I remember it while in bed, as I know I either won’t get to sleep trying to remember it, or I’ll have forgotten it by the morning. It works a treat – for when I’m in my bedroom- not so great otherwise.

Weirdly though, I remember the small trivial things. The sort of things that no one else does, those useless little nuggets of information that one day may come in handy for a pub quiz, or a crossword. Nothing of any particular use. I don’t remember phone numbers, but I can remember garment codes from a job I quit eight years ago!

The mind is a weird and wonderful thing, but sometimes I do wonder if mine is wired correctly!

On the Other Side

Thought I ought to just check in and let you know that all went well. I now have two less teeth than I did on Friday morning.

It all seemed to go well, at least from my point of view. I didn’t get horrifically nervous and feel sick the morning of the surgery, which based on previous experience I thought I may do. My dad was a star and spent the morning waiting with me, he was most surprised at how calm I was, laughing at me me when I decided to ‘chair dance’ along to one of the tunes on the radio.The nurse, the anaesthetist and the surgeon all kept warning me about the pain and swelling I would experience after the operation, which was a little worrying, but one way or another the teeth had to come out.

I found it a little disconcerting that I had to walk myself into the operating theatre and put myself onto the table, but the people around me were reassuringly buzzing around doing their bits. Next thing I know I’m coming round in the recovery room and joining in a conversation about Greek politics!! Bet that doesn’t happen very often. After a while I get taken back to my cubicle and provided with squash waiting for dad to arrive. No pain, no blood so far – all is good. standupforslapstick

A final check from the nurse on my vitals, a run through my after care and I’m all ready to go home.

Other than feeling tired and having to nap on a regular basis I’ve not really had any side effects, which from what I can gather is unusual. I’ve actually had to cut down on my painkillers as they were giving me a headache!!

Hopefully I can keep off some of the weight the liquid only diet for two days got rid of!!!